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Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:57 am

Back in the world.

Who would have thought a mere "breeze" would wrought so much damage?

Oct 11

15:30pm -Work secured early due to impending remnants of Hurricane Michael; as I drove home it began to rain, nothing to write home about and I thought about stopping at an ice machine and buying some extra just in case but I it wasn't supposed to do much and I already got rid of the 32 lbs I already had so why bother?

16:00pm- Got home and internet was acting up; not sure why but, put a trouble call in and about 3-4 hours later it was good to go.

22:00pm- rain began; little breezy more like a nor'easter nothing crazy, made sure emergency light were where they could be found; dog freaking out.

22:30pm- Lights began to flicker; odd, the weather forecast said 20-25 mph tops it was beginning to sound a little louder outside.

22:40pm- Light went out... came back on within a few seconds.

22:50pm- Lights flicker again and went out then came back on....

22:55pm- secured the computers and decide to head to bed.

23:00pm- Just sat down on edge of bed getting ready to get into same and the I saw a brilliant blue green flash outside across the street followed by a explosive sound then the lights went out and stayed out.

23:05pm- I looked out the window and the two very large oak trees (70+ feet) across the street were being blown by an crazy gust of wind that had to be over 50mph; the clouds were moving rapidly to the northwest and getting worse; the center of Michael was passing overhead... To the northwest it was lighting up bluegreen everywhere as transformer tripped off the line and it had began to lightning as well.

Next day,

very pleasant temps, sunny, tree branches and leaves everywhere, a tree down the street another 70+ feet lost all five of it's main branches which took out the streets power; large trees down across streets blocking both lanes of traffic.

broke out the Ozark trail cooler dumped the refrigerator contents into it and then went to get a bag of ice out of the freezer...Oh yeah, it's not there remember? jump into car head to nearest ice machine; no power (much swearing); divert to secondary, some traffic lights out (play chicken with other drivers); get to machine have enough cash to buy 4 16 lb bags; dump one into cooler rest in to chest freezer FULL of garden harvest.

Clean yard, etc... much bagging of debris getting dirty.

Before dark take a shower-check tank hot water still present despite no power YES!

Eat, pour wine grab book head to bed to read and be lulled to sleep by the sound of generators..

Friday- head to WAWA for coffee and breakfast, everybody in a twenty mile radius had same idea; got in and out no problem.

Night time repeat same.

Sat afternoon power company truck from West Virginia driving down street wife said "thank-you" as the drove by and they stopped and came back to check pole by our house said they would be back in an hour to switch everything on; (they lied); went back for 40 lbs more ice met guy at machine who collect "gold" dollars (ice machine gave change in gold presidential dollars), gave him one for a paper dollar and he was happy..

Sun morning- heading out to WAWA for more coffee and breakfast; passed power company truck on our street came home lights on; turned on all circuit breakers, cleaned out fridge and freezer of food that was questionable and lost 95% of all garden produced frozen foodstuff wife bummed out until we saw news reports of other who were WAAAAAAY worse off, trees through roofs, smashed cars etc...

Sunday- Went to Commissary (grocery store) and bought stuff to replace that which was lost.

Investing in whole house generator system.

Cooler kept Fridge stuff perfect; says it will keep for 7 days; well worth the price!

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Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:14 am

Sounds unpleasant. Glad nothing worse happened in your neighborhood. I'm not that far away (maybe 150 miles aerial distance) and we got nothing like that. A bit of rain overnight (Th - Fr) and some slight breeze, that's it.

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