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Sat Dec 01, 2018 5:57 am

This is from the game play "Breakthrough" and is played over a series of days in game; you try and breakthrough the enemies lines or fall back and retreat where you re-group for another try while being bombed, strafed and shot at.

This one is called Twisted steel which is the bridge in the background then it moves into Narvik, Norway where you, as a British Paratrooper parachute in to assault the German defenders lines. I only included the first 15 minutes of so of game play in Norway.

I have noticed a glitch in the animation in the plane as you prepare to jump you see a ghost type image of a squad leader (radio on his back) by the exit door. (I slowed it down while rendering to see it); the fix will probably come out in first patch. Other than that the rest of the animation is pretty cool.

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