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Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:52 am

Modder and I played the new map last night. The map itself is very small and occupies the upper corner of the normal map. Fuel & food indicators appear as green flames over an ice cooler and you pick up from there wood and or food.

You start out already carrying 1 piece of wood, lighter and a chocolate bar, 9mm weapon and 1 box ammo. They key is to pickup all the food and wood you can carry, keep the ammo to minimum.

Build your fire (must be on a level surface), and hope you have enough to last as the storm rages and if you don't, consume food quickly so your temperature bar stays up and last resort use a med kit.

The tuna seems to give the best energy levels followed by the chocolate and lastly you can cook two turkey legs; we barely made it the second storm as we ran out of everything.

A vehicle is a absolute need in order to move around the map quickly looking for more food and fuel; preferably one that doesn't make a lot of noise and isn't prone to tipping over.

You don't have a lot of time to search around so, make your time count or you won't make it.

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It would appear that the new map is locked and not currently available; I found no mention of the issue online.

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