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Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:58 am

Known Issues that you can fix yourself

[HOTFIX] Error 0x2000a
We are getting reports of the 0x2000a error and we are investigating! Please try queuing for a different server rather than US West as a work-around in the meantime. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

EasyAntiCheat not installed
Navigate to "\Steam\steamapps\common\Hunt Showdown (Test Server)\EasyAntiCheat" and run the "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe manually as an administrator. Depending on which option you get, either install or repair EasyAntiCheat for Hunt. After doing so this issue should be resolved.

bad_module_info error
Right-click the EXE or shortcut of the app. Select ‘Properties’ from the context menu. Go to the Compatibility tab and check the ‘Disable full screen optimizations’ option. Click Apply, and for good measure, restart your system. The Bad_Module_Info error should go away.

Level 0 & no money
You are probably disconnected from the server, click the icon on the bottom left of your screen. Also know that progression is not shared on both EU and US and have to level up individually.

Screen stuck in 800x600
If you notice your screen is stuck within a smaller box press Alt + Enter twice and it will eliminate the discrepancy

Error 30001x on start up
Try verifying your game files (Right click in library > Local files tab > Verify integrity of game files.)

Game crash after launching
If you notice that your game crashes fairly quickly after booting up, it is important to check that your Windows is up to date. This solution has fixed the issue for multiple people.

0x100a & 0x200b errors
This error is usually caused by attempting to invite someone from a different region, or by accepting an invite from someone on a different region. Please double check that both players are on the same region.

0x3003 error
Authentication failure. Make sure that you are launching the game using Steam.

I lost my hunter and I do not have enough money to recruit another one
Click on Store in the main menu and go to your “owned” tab and sell all your remaining items. Then you’ll be able to recruit a free tier 0 hunter. You can’t equip or take his items until he levels up and becomes a tier 1 hunter.

Black screen bug (compass bugged out)
Sometimes you will encounter this rare bug, you will have a black screen and can’t see anything. Might want to change it to , "The only way to keep your hunter is by looking at your map and navigating yourself to an extraction point close by. After the round has concluded, a simple restart should fix the issue. Obviously this is not without risk.

CrySystem initialization failed
Update to the latest version of Windows, if you are Windows 7 then please install and update to KB2670838

Error 29
Go to Game Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files , here you will find a folder called “user”. This folder contains the files that relate to your in-game settings, keybinds and in some instances, where some screenshots are stored. Make sure the game is not running and delete this folder (the game will recreate it the next time you launch). Keep in mind, you will lose all your keybinds and have to set them again when you next enter the game. Now try to launch the game and see if this lets you back in.

Broken contracts
Make sure you drivers are updated.
Restart steam and verify cache. If that doesn't work delete the the user folder in the hunt showdown folder along with game.log and system.cfg.

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Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:01 am

"If you've been following along as Hunt progresses through Early Access, you know we've been working hard behind the scenes to optimize, optimize, and optimize some more. Our goal continues to be improving the performance of the game and catering to an increasingly wider range of hardware over time and fix the issues that have been causing problems to the quality of your experience.

The first big step in that direction will be coming next week with the introduction of the test server running with Performance Patch 1, where you will be able to download and test the performance patch before we roll it out to everyone.

We have been focusing on a number of areas, primarily:

CPU optimizations (Hunt was CPU bound, which was a major limiting factor in many cases)
Reducing the overall memory footprint of the game
Addressing the stalls and stutters (during movement, ADS, and other in-game interactions)

With this patch, the general smoothness and response of the game should increase and in many cases overall framerate should also increase. In addition, this patch should fix the freeze that occurred when players were fighting in the Stillwater compound, as well as address the missing vegetation issue at the start of the game.

We received a huge amount of feedback and helpful data from the community in this regard, and we would like to extend our thanks to all of you for your patience and feedback.

We know we've been a bit quiet lately. Originally our plan was to release a hotfix the week before this performance patch to introduce changes to our backend that will pave the way for improved stability and lessen the frequency of server restarts. But during testing some issues came up that required further tweaks (and then more testing), and we decided to include those fixes in the big patch. Between testing the hotfix and the patch and moving office to the other side of town, we've been putting all our efforts into making this happen as quickly as possible.

We will provide more details around playtimes on the test server early next week. Hope to see you there, Hunters!"

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