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Thu May 05, 2016 2:59 pm

So, I went and played some GTA V after trying to get on DAYZ; I was invited to be a Bodyguard/protect boat which was a cool $25,000.00

Afterwards I went back ashore and jumped in my Insurgent and was still in bodyguard mode when a chrome bus pulls up driven by a another player. Two or three of us got on and I changed views to see inside when I switched back we were on top of the mountain with the ski lift. Everybody got out and must have been about eight players when suddenly those of us on the bus were gunned down/beat down (in my case). I spawned below top of mountain and saw a 747 sitting there; I climbed back up and it was a kill fest; I shot some rockets/C-4, but it appeared as if they didn't see me; there were planes of all kinds, cars, boats etc..

I came around the body of the plane and what did I see? a pile of money bags; I quickly moved them out of harms way so they wouldn't get dirty all the while shooting is still going on. I walk around again another player in a modified 4x4 with gigantic tire honks his horn and I get in and we drive down the mountain when he stops and goes idle fro a minute; next thing I know we have teleported back near Eclipse towers and engage others in a shoot out; I get hit, re-spawn and turn the corner only to find more of those damn money bags littering the sidewalk; I once again a quickly as possible move as many as I can before I get hit again.
I finally went back to my garage and found that I had cleaned up the streets for a cool $250,000.00.

Oh yeah, last night it was the ball;

A rough way to make a living for sure.

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Thu May 05, 2016 8:56 pm

LOL...The BIG ball

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