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Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:01 pm

Here is a list of some that I found:

Page 1 Functions

Player Menu
View the player menu and options

Godmode Active
Activate godmode

Max Ammo
Fill ammo in your weapons to max

Remove Junk
Gets rid of any clones or attachments on the player

Hack Hidden
Hide the hack menu from the screen

Repair Vehicle
Repairs the vehicle to full health - cosmetic and engine. Please note, this will add all performance upgrades to the vehicle you're driving including armour and bulletproof tyres.

Teleport to waypoint
First set the waypoint on the map with the purple marker, then activating this will teleport you there

Drive to waypoint
Makes the player automatically drive to the purple marker. Please note, this is sometimes a bit buggy, especially at the end.

Spawn BuffaloS
Spawns a fully upgraded Buffalo S (Franklin's Model) which sells for $159,000 in LSC.

Spawn custom land vehicle
Spawns a custom ground vehicle - please see the "LandVehicleHotkeys.txt" file for the keys and associated vehicle spawns. Please note, nearly all the aircraft spawn in custom colors and some of the cars too. Remember this online.

Spawn P996 Lazer
Spawns the Lazer fighter jet. This has been fixed so it spawns where the character is (automatically teleports into the driving seat), and you'e not miles in the air at 358mph.

Spawn custom aircraft
Spawns a custom aircraft - please see the "AirVehicleHotkeys.txt" file for the keys and associated vehicle spawns. Please note, nearly all the aircraft spawn in custom colors and some of the cars too. Remember this online.

Police & wanted level disabled
Disables the police searching for you. Please note, this does not stop the wanted level from going up.

Kill talking players
Looks for anyone who is talking in the lobby and kills them.

Enforce no-fly zone
Looks for anyone who is flying in the lobby and kicks them out of their aircraft.

Teleport to objective
Teleports you to the mission objective.

Get a driver
Spawns a driver in the driving seat. Please note, this is still in beta and buggy, sometimes doesn't work at all.

Kill all enemies on map
Looks for any enemies or police on the map and kills them. For far enemies you may needing to zoom in with scoped rifle.

Increase wanted level
Add one star at at a time to the wanted level.

Remove wanted level
Completely clear wanted level. You could use the increase function to get 5 stars then remove it for some rp increase.

Page 2 Functions

Godmode active
This enables the godmode for the player. Please note, sometimes it doesn't work for other players in the session.

Hack hidden
Hide the hack menu from the screen

Prev player in list
Select the previous player in the session list

Next player in list
Select the next player in the session list

Give player all weapons
Gives the selected player all available weapons in the game.

Teleport to player vehicle
This teleports your character to their location, if they are in a vehicle.

Explode player
Makes them spontaneously explode

Frame player
Kills everyone in the lobby under the selected player's name.

Clone player vehicle
This creates a carbon copy of the vehicle they were driving. Works for whatever vehicle they are driving.

Remove all weapons
Takes all the players weapons away

Pay and sprayclone
Clones the player vehicle but in a different color. Please note, this is in beta and may cause a crash or not work at all.

Spectate player
Allows you to watch what the selected player is doing

Attach basketball
Attaches a basketball to the player, usually where the head would be.

Jack ride
Attempts to take control of the vehicle they are using. Please note, this doesn't work some of the time and just removes them from the vehicle.

Remove player from vehicle
Kicks the player out of the vehicle they are using

Spawn money on selected player
Uses the safe native to spawn money. A random pedestrian from GTAV will appear on top of the character, but will already be killed. Just pick up the cash, but don't do it too often.

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Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:54 am

This is interesting because most of the hacks I've seen are different to this. Seems like the entire thing is wide open.

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